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Global HR Summit

In a world where we’re forced to alternate between physical and virtual workplaces, technology is the bridge.

Educators, teachers, education administrations, and researchers are all about job opportunities. And today’s human resources professionals are the gateway to those jobs, from hiring to firing and from education to innovation. Today’s teachers and human resources staff are faced with a common problem: How do we prepare for a future with immersive technology and how do we integrate it into the workforce?

Educators in VR’s mission is to integrate spatial technologies, VR/AR/XR, into education and training. And we are excited to share that we have teamed up with Microsoft, BentoHR, and Educators in VR to produce the first ever VR conference for HR professionals, the Global HR Summit September 8-10, 2020, in AltspaceVR. Tickets are still available, and we’ve a special deal for Educators + Students below.

This three-day event brings together top leaders in HR from around the world representing corporations, small businesses, and HR experts covering topics educators will need to know to prepare students of all ages for the new digital and immersive world.

There are panels, discussions, podcasts, and plenty of social networking time to connect with these amazing influencers and world changers throughout the event.

A few of the speaker highlights include Tom Furness of the Virtual World Society will kick the summit off with a keynote exploring the past, present, and future of immersive technologies.

Caitlin Krause of MindWise will be teaming up with Matt Burns of Thinking Inside the Box podcast, BentoHR, and leading producer of the summit, for a fascinating discussion on how to develop a healthy relationship with technology.

Jill Katz, Founder and Chief Change Officer at Assemble HR Consulting will be sharing her expertise for working parents and the new normal we are all being challenged.

Christopher Lind of General Electric will share his expertise in reimagining learning and talent development.

Joey Price of the popular podcast Business, Life, and Coffee, and co-founder of Jumpstart:HR brings his expertise and podcast to the summit.

Hung Lee, editor of the leading industry newsletter “Recruiting Brainfood,” teams up with Marlo Brook of AVATAR Partners, an immersive reality and virtual collaboration solution development company for aerospace, construction, defense, healthcare, and manufacturing, will be sharing the virtual stage with Navjeet Chhina to offer solutions on the keys to productive work force communication in the new normal.

Navjeet Chhina, Founder and CEO of Genius Ventures, and Tom Emrich, pioneer and leader in AR and VR wearable technologies as Vice President of Product at 8th Wall, which develops AR content for top brands including Sony, Miller Lite, British Gas, Swiss Airlines, Porsche, Toyota, Time Magazine, and more. The two of them will explore the future of augmented reality in business.

Tickets: Normally hundreds to thousands of dollars for a real world event, tickets are USD $49 and $99 individually for YouTube or AltspaceVR access with team/group discounts. Proceeds of the event benefit the Virtual World Society, helping expand their outreach, research, and educational programs.

Because we know you do not want to miss this event, we’ve made arrangements for Educators in VR members to receive free tickets to the full 3-day event. This is an excellent opportunity to gain access to the leaders in human resources and understand what the future of immersive tech holds for educators, schools, trainers, and students.

To receive your free ticket, register for the event and use EDUCATORSINVR as the discount code. We will contact you to confirm your AltspaceVR username and email if necessary.

HR in VR Meetups

Educators in VR is also working with Matt Burns, the brilliant creative behind the Global HR Summit, of BentoHR and the Thinking Inside the Box podcast to host weekly meetups called HR in VR on Thursdays in AltspaceVR to discuss the future of immersive and digital technologies for human resources professionals, but also for educators and learner to understand the job future in this especially challenging times.

As we move more and more into an online culture, not just in service to communication, it offers unique challenges and opportunities for careers in spatial technologies. The next Global HR Summit Meetup is on August 6th in AltspaceVR.

Speaker Lineup (Alphabetical Order):
  • Anne-Marie Headley | Workforce Buddy
  • Aubrey Blanche | Culture Amp
  • Ben Eubanks | Lighthouse
  • Caitlin Krause | Mindwise
  • Christopher Lind | General Electric
  • Colin Mincy | Human Rights Watch
  • Elisabeth Cooke | Dignii
  • Enrique Rubio | Hacking HR
  • Hung Lee | Recruiting Brainfood
  • Katrina Collier | The Searchologist
  • Jill Katz | Assemble (HR Consulting)
  • Joey Price | Jumpstart HR
  • Josh Krichefski | Mediacom
  • Kate Bradley Churnis | Lately
  • Kelly Lovell | Bridging The Gap
  • Kimberly Jones | Kelton Legend
  • Lars Schmitdt | Amplify
  • Manu Varma | Traction
  • Marlo Brooke | Avatar Partners
  • Matt Burns | BentoHR
  • Matt Charney | Quantum Work
  • Matt Fleckenstein | Microsoft
  • Navjeet Chhina | Genius Ventures Inc
  • Nicole Greenberg | STA Worldwide
  • Prem Kumar | Humanly
  • Prince Ghuman | Blindsight
  • Robert St-Jacques | Aequilibium
  • Tom Emrich | 8th Wall
  • Tom Furness | Virtual World Society
  • Tim Salau | Guide
  • Travis Hahler | Google
  • William Tincup | Recruiting Daily

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Presented by BentoHR, Genius Ventures, and powered by Microsoft’s AltSpace, the Global HR Summit showcases immersive workplace (XR) technologies that enable digital transformation and make workplaces more human-centric.